A vegan diet can improve your health if it’s done correctly.

Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to going vegan to answer all your questions about going vegan.

Many people ask these questions when they are considering going vegan: ”How do you start a vegan diet?”, ”Is it expensive to be a vegan?” and ”Is it healthy to be a vegan?”

This vegan guide aims to answer these questions and many more, so you can have a full understanding of going vegan.

Are you vegan curious? This is the guide for you!

Vegan cinnamon rolls in a tin

I told my flatmates they could have some of these cinnamon rolls and the day after I told them they had eaten almost all the cinnamon rolls. That was amazing, because I take that as a confirmation that they loved it! These are much more fluffy than your regular cinnamon rolls, you should try them regardless of if you are a vegan or not. 

Vegan lentil bolognese

One of the things I've missed most after giving up meat was that jawdropping good bolognese. Who would have thought that putting something as crazy as green lentils in a spaghetti sauce would give you that same feeling as eating meat? Well at least it resembles that flavour. Now, I know every vegan is different, some hate it when it tastes like meat, some love it. Hey, I say that this doesn't give you the texture, but the flavours. It's the ultimate vegan recipe and one to keep. Everyone will love this! I promise. 

Chic breakfast

Who does not love a chic breakfast? The type of breakfast you have when you have a lazy morning and you have time to cook a feast of a breakfast, that's what a chic breakfast is.